Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Blog-surfing and Supporting the Wounded Troops

Went blog-surfing last night.....haven't done that in awhile, stopped by to visit all my old favorites(and I have THIRTY favorites bookmarked on Milblogging.com!LOL)

Via Holly Aho, who is a blogging Soldiers' Angels member,came across a CaringBridge site set up by some friends of a wounded soldier.


It's slow-loading,but you might want to stop by and take a look and leave a message in the guestbook.Touched my heart cause he's only a few years older than Ben....I can't imagine.

Another site I stopped by was Joey and Jayme Bozik's site.....the young man that was featured on MTV who lost both his legs and his hand?

Click here: Joey   Anyway, I return to the doctor on Thursday, so am hopeful of being taken completely off restrictions. And the job hunt continues then:)(not that it's not going on now, I'll just hopefully have a better chance of being hired)   Oh, and thanks to all who stopped by Yahoo 360, I went from being a pathetic loser with no page views to having 13!!!

And Terry?  I am black coffe also! Thanks for posting that quiz, Kyle and I had a riot last night trying the other quizzes on the site:)   Click here: Blogthings - List of Blogthings     Hope everyone has a great day!
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