Sunday, July 29, 2007

The 'Last' Weekend for Awhile:(

Just to give you an idea of why I seem so scatterbrained lately? (more so than usual,lol, I know there's some comments going thru some of your mind's out there, Sis and Mom:)

I realized last week when looking at my schedule that, after this weekend off, I won't have two consecutive days off together from work again until Aug.18.

I had great plans to try and Relax and Enjoy this weekend, ha ha, which seem to have been kicked in the head by the raging sore throat and fever I seem to be having. I suppose it's nice that I don't have to miss work by being sick? (lol, always looking for the silver lining:) but this wasn't really my ideal way to 'take it easy.'

Regardless of how I feel, Tony and I also planned to rage on housecleaning today (although we won't be posting a picture of our vacuum cleaner,lol, like Adam and Tracy.) I know....we really know how to live it up, don't we?

But, Kyle had come by the other night and picked up his bed and dresser out of April's room, and once he removed them, we want to get that room ready for the painting that we'll be doing down there, before we move the bed down from upstairs for her. (this painting, of course, will be in all that 'spare time' we have floating around:)

We also received word from the school about the first Fundraising opportunity for the Hawaii trip April will be taking with the choir in March. It will be...wait for it...  the next weekend I have off,rofl. I can volunteer to go work a booth at the Fair

Click here: Rockingham County Fair

for 5 hours.Too funny...this is, naturally, exactly what I wanted to do after killing myself with work for the next few weeks. However, it will be a Huge start to the Fundraising effort, and I do want to see all of these kids in the band and the choir able to go. So, I shouldn't will actually get me into the Fair for free, as far as I know, and we can always walk around the Fair afterwards:) as April and Tony will be volunteering that day,also. (note to self...must tell them that. LOL:)

Before I forget, wanted to pass on HUGE THANKS to my Uncle Don. I have a 'gap' in my computer knowledge,lol, in that I never really learned how to use word processing software or anything to do with Word documents,etc. 

I needed to be able to print out a document for Tony, for something he's involved in, and ran into a glitch when I didn't have the same software as the person who sent us the document. So, I turned to Mom, who directed me to Uncle Don (thanks to Mom,too:) and he went above and beyond, in helping me figure out what to do next! Uncle Don, once again.....THANK YOU!

Well, this is all the latest in the 'watching paint dry' category:) Hope everyone has a great week!



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