Monday, July 16, 2007

A Little Bit of Everything

Well, I am finally getting some computer time again,but almost wish I was still jockeying with Dustin, April, and Tony for the computer!

Now that Dustin is gone, everyone Else in the house is getting ready to take off this next week...except me,sigh. Tony will be gone for a short camping trip. (I'll be working,yee ha) and April will be going to a Presbyterian Youth Conference. (yes, the truth is out..we're Presbyterians.) You can check out the website for it here

Click here: Presbyterian Youth Triennium 2007

This will be a Huge deal, it looks like..I think she will have a blast. (except maybe for the 12 hour bus trip,ha ha.)

and, they even have a MySpace page!!  (holy cow, is Everyone on MySpace these days? April might have to change her mind about it being 'for OLD people':) Be sure and check out some of the videos from previous Trienniums (posted in the blogs section:)

Miss April is turning into a regular little she will Also be going to HAWAII next year (where her brother is stationed, by the way) with the choir from school, to this festival
Sigh, my biggest high school trip was to.....Washington,DC.  How things have changed,huh? :)
So April seems to be trying to give my brother Kirby a run for his money, on the traveling thing,lol. Speaking of the 'bro'....not much contact with him lately, due to computer difficulties on his end...."oh brother, where art thou?"
But, youngest sis Tracy just recently had a baby shower, given by other sister Sue...she's got a great slideshow of the pics, you can check it out here
For more exciting news on the homefront here?  I just finished reading a Great book not too long ago, I posted about it on 'the other blog'
I think I might have the whole 'summer reading thing' backwards,LOL, as I recall in previous summers reading a book about the Kurds (can't recall the title) and also reading this lovely tome
I'm pretty sure these don't qualify for 'standard Beach reads' :) and when you think that I have two Dean Koontz books I still need to read, And a James Patterson novel? What was I thinking?? ("oh yeah, go for the lengthy non-fiction book about a World War....that's what I'll take out by the pool".lol)
In the incredible dichotomy that is my life, however, Tony and I just went last night to see     Transformers  :)  So, I think I can still safely claim Not to be immune to pop culture.  I loved the movie, although I had that old theme song from the Transformers cartoon running through my head for a large part of the movie...."Transformers, More than meets the eye....Transformers,Robots in Disguise..." LOL. The things that are floating around in my brain.
I also finally recently got to see  Memoirs of a Geisha ( I know, two years late....that's generally how I see movies, years after they come out...which is why I was so psyched to see Transformers in the theatre!!:) April and I caught a late night showing on cable, fortunately when her brother and Dad weren't around, as I have a feeling we'd have been asked to switch to the NFL network?  Loved that movie,too, I had read the book but so long ago that I didn't remember much.
And that's the latest news from "the 'Burg."
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