Monday, July 2, 2007

Our Pool is Filling Up:)

(Stock photo from K-Mart website)

Our pool is filling up,Yay! :) The pic above is 18 by 48, I couldn't find an exact pic of ours, which is 16 by 42. But otherwise, it looks the same.

Tony got it Sat. evening...he's working a short term job right now for 3-6 months,plus he also did some painting this weekend at a friend's house, so he got the pool as a surprise.

While I'm typing this, I can hear the water running to fill it up. (or, as I also like to think of it....the sound of our water bill going UP,UP,UP for this month,LOL :)

April and I are really excited about we can just walk out into the back yard and hop in whenever we feel like swimming!

It should be done filling today, and there is a chlorine kit that Tony needs to then use. It also has a cover...he got a GREAT deal on the price, it was on sale (and then said when we were setting it up..."I didn't realize it would be This big!!!") We also bought locks for the front and back gates, so that no one can get in.

Since Dustin bought Tony a gas grill for Father's day, we're planning on having a cookout on the 4th and hopefully (weather permitting) use the pool!

Tony's brother Chris came by the other day, and brought Dustin's Granny over to see him...I got one pic, and then the camera said 'batteries exhausted",darn it. (we've since gotten new batteries:)

There's some grillin' shots up top, and we did an early celebration of Dustin's birthday.

(Kirby...I LOVE my camera!! :)

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