Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Flights are Booked...YAY!

Thinking of Christmas in August:)

We'll be going to spend Christmas with my family in MN, and the flights were just booked yesterday...YAY!

I have not been together with my whole family since my brother's wedding in Hawaii in 2003

although I did visit Mom and Dad and my sisters and their families in 2004.

And April visited with them in 2005, but I was unable to go.

Since Hawaii and the last time I saw my brother and his wife, they have had TWO daughters!

And the last time I saw my sister Sue's son,Jake, he looked like this

and now he looks like this!

The last time I saw sister Sue's daughters, they were still 'girls'

and now they have grown into beautiful young ladies


(as has April, who would shriek with horror,LOL, if she knew I had posted old pictures of her:)

Hopefully by the time we visit, Tracy and Adam will finally have the child they are in the process of adopting from China

and even though  MN will probably look like This while we are there

I don't really care what the weather is like (as long as it doesn't mean our flight is cancelled,LOL)

I'm just going to be so excited to be together with everyone again!! :)



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