Wednesday, July 25, 2007


April returned safe and sound from the PYT late Sun.night/Mon. morning, and says she had a blast:)

Over 4,400 young people were there!!

If you want to check out more about what last week was like for her?

Click here: Presbyterian Youth Triennium 2007

and if you click on the "Latest News" link at the top, there's a drop down menu with stories about the various things they did.

The rest of this week, and again for a week in August, she's helping out with the music at a local camp for foster children

which she also did last year, and really enjoyed doing.
Tony had a good time on his camping trip, and I had the experience while both of them were gone of being (briefly) scared to death on the one night I was home from work. I had just started to drift off to sleep when I heard some banging noises, and of course my first thought was 'oh heavens, I'm here by myself and someone is breaking in the house!"
I went to the top of the stairs and realized the noise was Tiger kitty
throwing herself kamikaze style at the sliding glass door, hissing and yowling.
(and why she didn't knock herself out, I'll never understand,lol)
Realizing that there must be 'something' on the back deck, I came down and flipped on the light and a stray yellow cat looked back at me. (Tiger continuing to go crazy this whole time.) I said "hey! get out of here!" and the stray gave me a smirking sort of look and Slowly, one paw at a time, started moving towards the edge of the if to say "Nyahh,nyahh, Ok, I'll go....but only because I want to!"
Sister Tracy and Brother-in-law Adam have, of all things, a picture of their new vacuum cleaner posted
(but, what do you expect?LOL, from people who also post pictures of Food!:)
Seriously, the time is getting closer and closer for them to FINALLY get their baby!! This has taken forever! And I'm getting so excited for them:)
Remember the virtual baby shower I posted about?
Friend Trish had a nice Thank You posted on her MySpace blog
and also sent via email a picture:)
Way to go,everyone!! :)
Son Kyle is getting ready to move to a new apt,and will be taking back the bed and dresser that he left here for April to use, when he was living in the furnished place. I should be cleaning out the dresser right now,lol, And doing about 20 other things...but, you see where I am:)
April has suggested that before we move her old bed and dresser to her room, we paint it. Which I guess means we'll Really be 'watching paint dry' around here soon. (Sorry....just couldn't help myself:)
I easily earned the 'Best Mom in the World" title yesterday from April, by purchasing the latest Harry Potter book and saying She could read it first. Hope she reads fast!! I'm itching to read it,too!
And that's all the latest from here in the 'Burg. Hope everyone is doing well, and have a great weekend!
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