Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Soldier support for the Holidays

Came home sick from work yesterday,still feel like dirt today.Just a virus that's been making the rounds.

Y'all know I often speak of the things I do to support the troops. My tenative plans for the holiday season were to send Christmas cards....one to each of the Virginia units listed on anysoldier.com, & also one to each of my correspondents I've picked up through Soldier's Angels,anysoldier, or Adopt a Platoon.

Came across a blogger today who wishes Holiday Greetings sent to her to print out & put with her packages of cards.

Click here: Yikes!: CHRISTMAS IN IRAQ! I NEED YOUR HELP!   The DOD has listed mailing requirements for the holiday:   Click here: DoD News: DoD Announces Recommended Holiday Mail Dates   If you're thinking of doing something to support the troops for the holidays, here's some sites....time is running out!:)   Click here: Books For Soldiers - Care Packages For The MInd   Click here: Welcome to AdoptaPlatoon   Click here: Soldiers' Angels   My personal favorite is anysoldier.com   Click here: Any Soldier ... Any Soldier Inc. ... Care Package ... Soldier Support   Mostly because you can click on "where to send" and then if you scroll down on the right, they have a thing that says"click here to search anysoldier.com contacts", & if you use their search engine, you can check for units deployed from your state. I'm posting this cause I'd like to encourage you to do at least ONE thing for our fine young men and women serving for the holidays.....even if it's just something as simple as picking ONE unit to send ONE Christmas card to:)
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