Wednesday, November 2, 2005


Well, I promised a pic from Senior Night, but it didn't turn out too well......disposable camera & bright football lights, I reckon.

I have added other pics to the photo albums, & THEN decided to just put the latest pics in one, so no, you are not seeing double.

I'm going to run the same blog on AOL, so it saves copying & pasting the blog entries into emails...between Yahoo and AOL, I'll catch most of the people on my email list....& then you can feel free to read or not read.

Back to work for two days tomorrow. Cannot beleive there are only two football games left, & then Dustin's high school football career will be over!

Kyle stops by almost every day...because they don't have Internet access yet,lol. I am currently doing laundry, & will have to pick April up at 4 from play practice....she has had something after school every day this week. Tomorrow night she has a handbell concert & I will miss it, forgot to ask for the day off in time. Ben said he would take her & pick her up.

She leaves Friday the 11th for Richmond, for the Young People's Theatre competition...that's where they are presenting "Canned Hamlet'. They stay over Friday night, & get home late Sat. night.Lynn saw her handbell concert last Sunday at the hospital, she took her for me & then stayed to watch.

Well, that's it for today!

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