Wednesday, November 30, 2005


This is an absolutely beautiful pic that Sister Sue sent,wanted to share it!

Well, it's apparently official now....Kyle is moving back in with me. Wondered if it would work out, sorry that it hasn't & that's OK. Just have to hope there's no hard feelings...he's young yet. And darn, this means I have to move all the stuff out of the spare room!LOL.

Tony's truck turned out to be NOT fixed yesterday, so guess he will be shoppping for a new sense putting any more money into this one.

I work the next two days, but then have the weekend off,yay. I am currently cooking an accidentally purchased sweet potato pie....someone(not me) thought they were picking up a pumpkin pie.Don't even know if anyone LIKES sweet potato pie,lol. Guess we'll find out, huh?

Terry has a cute story posted on her blog, go check it out, & for those of you in our family.....does it remind anyone of the 'mole' incident??With a mole loose in the basement of the house in Parchment, & lots of shrieking,etc. as it ran around & Dad chased it. Ah, the memories:)

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