Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Christmas fun

In other news....Tony and I had a great deal of fun getting together some Christmas packages to send to 4 groups from anysoldier.com.  I couldn't have done it if he wouldn't have helped me, it was something I wanted to do but couldn't justify the expense.

Anyway, he got involved by picking out the groups...he wanted groups that weren't on bases, but were 'out in the field'. Naturally we picked Virginia units to send to!:) Several of the groups we picked are actually living on Iraqi bases as they are training the Iraqi's...so they have way less amenities. He also picked the groups that mentioned giving stuff to local children, so we put stuff like coloring books & crayons in (dollar store shopping!!lol)

and he called his employer & got them to donate 60 pairs of work gloves! Yay, Riddleberger Bros.!When you go on anysoldier.com it lists how many contacts the addressee thinks he will have (like he thinks he can get stuff to 10 guys or 9 or whatever). So we were not sending to like an entire unit, which would probably be higher than I could count!(see previous entry'dorks r us':)

We also sent baby wipes..lol...my brother asked for an explanation of that! what it is, they don't always have access to showers...so they can do a quick clean up with baby wipes. (are you thinking 'EWWW', coz I did!) and we picked snacks & Christmas candy (no chocolate) & probably what the guys will like best...Tony put one of his old Maxim magazines in each box (go, soft porn:)  Of course, Tony gets them for the articles......psyche!Plus then we threw a hometown newspaper in each one....just coz they say a lot that they miss seeing local papers. (well, they're getting OUR local news, not their own...but, whatever works)

Ben donated some mags from Sam Goody, & Kyle & their roommate Justin donated some old play station 2 games for me to send a smaller box to one of 'my' Marines, a young man who is really delightful but must be dreadfully bored since he keeps corresponding with the elderly!

I mention this not to toot our horns but just to let y'all know that it was great fun to pick this stuff out & imagine these guys getting it....& if you're considering doing it yourself....there's still time to send priority mail!! which was only a dollar more than parcel post(that end date was the 12th) The DOD llink is here

Click here: DoD News: DoD Announces Recommended Holiday Mail Dates   but I can at least mention that priority mail can still be sent till Dec. 10.
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