Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Dorks R Us

Today I managed to blow a tire. I blame it on APRIL, if she wouldn't have said"what's that over there?" while I was coming around the curve I would've never looked to see what she meant....& then drifted to the RIGHT,even though I was looking to the LEFT...& then managed to hit the edge of the storm drain just exactly correctly to punch a hole in the tire. Fortunately Tony was with me, so he put on the spare...which I could have done if I had had to, I've changed tires....but this freed me up so that I was standing there while every one else drove by & looked at us as they were leaving.(We were picking up April from school.)So I could feel stupid with an audience:) And then one car slowed down & this lady leans over & said "I heard a weird noise as I was getting in my car & thought to myself...did someone blow a tire?" April says "hello, Mrs. Teacher", so I raised my hand & said 'yes, it was me! I blew a tire!"   I'm hoping tomorrow will be uneventful.
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