Thursday, August 9, 2007

And how is Your weather?

Here's today's forecast:

VALLEY- High pressure to our south is providing plenty of heat and high humidity for the week. It won't be quite as hot as yesterday when we high 99, setting a new record, look for a slight break with lower 90s for your daytime highs.

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(   A "slight break of  Lower 90's"????? ROFL.)

I ended up working 3-11 yesterday evening, instead of 11-7.  We had the delightful (?) experience while serving supper last night to the resident's that, in the middle of this heat wave we're having.....the HEAT came on in the dining room!! Yikes!
I have much more sympathy for 'limp dishrags' after that,LOL.
April has been a counselor this week again at  Camp Kaleidoscope  . Darn hot week to be doing it!!
School starts Aug.28, and we're going to pay school fees today after Counselor April is done at camp, so I see the end of the summer looming large.
Life. It just goes so fast sometimes,doesn't it?
Well, the new kitten just jumped from the back of the couch to the back of the computer chair, and clawed my arm when I screamed and I think I'll go tend to my wounds,lol.
KEEP COOL,everyone!!
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