Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Back to School

One of the benefits of taking endless pictures and then never deleting them from my computer is, I can almost always find a picture to go with the 'theme' of a blog post,lol. Yesterday, which was back to school day for April, I was looking for a Back to School graphic, and then ended up never getting the post done before I had to leave for work.

This morning, I suddenly remembered 'Hey, I HAVE a picture of a school bus...from one of Dustin's track meets two years ago."  (and yet, I didn't remember what my work schedule was for this Friday,lol, go figure.)

So, voila, with the 'picture to fit the theme'. April started back yesterday, big Miss Sophomore now:)  She said her day went well.   It was Bryan's birthday, but I didn't get a card to, the letter and card lady, I know, I'm a slacker!  I gave April a ride to school, she can't get a ride with Bryan because he is driving the Exchange Student That Isn't Living With Them Until Jan to school everyday (the exchange student is living with another family for the first half of the year, I guess that's the way they do it. There was supposed to be a Third family involved, but that didn't pan out. Personally, I think I'd rather stay with only One family for the school year,but then again, what if you Hated the family you were with? so I guess that's a good way to work it.)

Sorry, I almost lost track of my train of thought there,lol. Anways, there's a Virginia law that you can't have more than one other passenger in your car that is Not related, if you're under 18, or something like that (to stop hordes of young people riding with a new driver). Although April keeps protesting that Bryan Is her cousin, I don't really think an officer would agree that a nephew of your aunt-by-marriage is a Close relation? and so my answer is just 'No', to her riding with Bryan and Exchange Student.

But it wasn't the Young Drivers that scared me to death yesterday when I took her to school,lol, it was the Parents! First of all, for a brand new high school of only a few years, I have thought since last year that the traffic pattern for dropping kids off there just sucks....why would you build a school and route the drivers dropping off kids through the high school parking lot,anyway? (to drop your enrollment figure when said parents run over the poor kids trying to walk to the school doors?to see how well your students respond to the stress of dodging traffic?I've never been able to come up with an answer.)

Also, the middle school is only a few miles from the high school, and they start a few minutes you have parents barrelling into the high school parking lot to drop off those children, and then zooming 100 miles an hour (ok,maybe not That fast) to run to the middle school and drop their younger children off there. All of which meant that I felt like I was lucky to make it out of the parking lot alive yesterday,lol, and I also griped like a snippy elderly woman 'where are the police officers when you need them, they should Be here for the first day of school because these people are driving like they're in a Nascar race!"

Well, the police officers were there Today,at least, so everyone was driving more sedately this morning.

Speaking of driving, all April needs to do is take and pass her test for a learner's permit, and she can start driving.  Yikes! how did That creep up on us so quickly?

 Except, she keeps saying "I can't find the booklet to study for the test." Which doesn't give me a whole lot of confidence,lol, in how much she'll pay attention When driving...(but it Does give me the opportunity to give that lecture about 'well, if you'd organize your room.....!":)

I imagine we'll get to it sooner or later. If she's not pushing it, I'M not going to. I know we survived all the others learning to drive, so we'll survive this too, but I can't say I'm looking forward to it again....mostly because that 'phantom brake pedal' STILL doesn't work on the passenger side,ha ha, plus I also think I need to renew my prescription for anti-anxiety meds from the last new driver we had, before we start this.

Choir practice for church also starts for April this week, and handbell practice starts in two weeks for her. And she is in the chorus for that Singers Glen Opera, which Bryan has a lead part in.

So, we are back to being busy again!!




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