Tuesday, June 5, 2007

NINE DAYS! till Dustin's grad:)

SEVEN DAYS, till we hop into the car and head off across the country:)

And leave Miss April here,LOL....(so she can go to Chincoteague with the church Youth Group.) 100 years ago (third grade?) I remember reading Misty of Chincoteague .Since we lived in  Parchment,MI  then ( Go,Panthers! ) I of course had no idea that someday I'd end up living in Virginia.

(and still have somehow never made it to Chincoteague, even after 29 years of living here!)

We made reservations last night for the hotel near  Ft. Leonard Wood   where we'll be staying, looks like we made them just in time....we had been waiting on info from Dustin and/or info from a letter we were supposed to get, with more info about graduation(which has never yet arrived). Well, Dustin had called his Dad last night, and seemed to have confused us with the independently wealthy,LOL...I'm not even going to tell you the price of the hotel He suggested we stay at.

And so when I got home from work, I said "I really think we need to go ahead and make the reservation NOW" and we proceeded to research hotels. Holy Schnike! Hotel after hotel said "SOLD OUT" for the dates we wanted,but luckily we were finally able to find one we could still reserve a room at.

Tony said "You really had a good idea" regarding my saying we needed to make the reservation last night...which should have made me feel good,ROFL, except that I'm still dissecting whether or not that was a backhanded compliment? because of the complete and utter astonishment in his tone of voice when he said that:)

If you want an idea of what we're going to be doing while we're out there? we finally went by the website and realized there was a posting there

Graduation and Family Day

(which perhaps is also the letter we never received?LOL)

In other family news...sheriff deputy son Kyle did NOT get to run in the Special Olympics Torch run this year, as he had to work.

And,did y'all realize that son Ben is a blogger also? Check out his blog on MySpace .

I am impressed with his writing ability:) and I have learned something (since I knew nothing about the subject matter prior to reading these:)

That's all for today.Love to all!


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