Friday, June 1, 2007

My dorky life (episode 57)

OK, so sometimes I think a person can have Too Much imagination,lol.

Worked night shift last night. We have a part of the building that is very spooky and scary to go into, we All agree on that. Plus, there are the usual 'ghost stories' that you get when you work somewhere, about the building supposedly being 'haunted'.

So, I'm coming out of this scary back hall, and I Swear that I think I hear a ghostly voice whisper,very quietly......"Kathi".

I did not waste any time whatsoever to stick around and see Who (or What) could have whispered my name.(and I'm not even really sure at this point if I actually Heard anything? or if it's just cause I'm always freaked out by being in that part of the building,anyway?)

But I immediately slammed the elevator button and Jumped into the elevator the instant the doors opened,and took off for another floor.

(Yes, I am 46 years old,LOL....but I am a chicken:)plus, I think I've read too much Stephen King and Dean Koontz!

About 45 minutes later, I come around a corner and come across my Boss....who had come in early, and I didn't know it.  We were having a problem with the phones, due to an electrical storm. She says to me "I tried to find you, but I didn't want to yell with everyone sleeping, so I was walking around whispering your name."

And I am hugging her and saying "Oh, THANK GOD....I thought I was going nuts! I HEARD you whisper, but I ran away, because it totally freaked me out!"

And by this time, of course, both she and one of my co-workers are bent over laughing:)

I think it's funny now,too.....but I didn't when I heard that ghostly voice saying my name!!


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