Friday, June 8, 2007

I may 'throw like a girl" but, apparently, I.....

I posted something about this over at my troop support journal  
but I thought I'd also post it over here, just because it totally cracked me up:)
I may 'throw like a girl", but, apparently, I a Guy??

My friend over at   Random Threads  had a post earlier this week "Does your writing give clues to your gender?" 

and if you go by and check her post out, you can test yourself.

Beware,though. I tested myself, 57 ways to Sunday,LOL.....and the results ALWAYS came back that my writing was MALE.

I know it says it's not 100% accurate....but this is really messing with my head:)


In other news, Tracy and Adam got the latest on when they might Finally get to go to China and meet and bring home the newest member of their family

not the greatest news, I'm so sorry.

And I'm working the next few days, and then we leave for Graduation!  The camera arrived!!YAY!!! (and Thanks! Bro:)  so expect lots of pics sometime after we get back!


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