Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Not much going on

The above is my brother and his wife, and their TWO year old daughter, who I have yet to meet, as they live in Hong Kong.  I put up a pic of them because Mom and Dad are leaving today to go visit them, and my youngest sis will fly over the second week they are there to visit also.I hope to meet my youngest niece before she graduates from high school,lol.

I am watching Aiden a lot this week, which is fun. His dad took him for a shot yesterday, and I had been going to go with him, but April woke up vomiting the night before so I stayed home with her. It seems to be a virus we've been passing back and forth, and I would just as soon it passes me by, as I have never really gotten over my sinus infection/cold yet...I was getting better, and then seem to have gotten worse again. So I'm already sick and tired of being sick and tired:)

Emma decided this past weekend that she wanted to join Soldiers Angels to actually 'adopt' a soldier, as long as I would 'co-adopt' one with her.So I saw she got her name today, and I'm looking forward to us going shopping for his first 'care package':)that should be fun. 

Other than that, there's not a whole lot going on...just popping in to say we're still here!

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