Wednesday, October 25, 2006

My Dorky Life

If your arm was swollen, and had a reddened area with red streaks radiating outwards from it, most people would go to a doctor. This is what they taught me in nursing school (100 years ago,lol:) but when it happened to me, I decided the best course of action was "ignore it, and wait to see what happens. It doesn't hurt, and other than the itching, doesn't really bother me." (NOT what they taught me in nursing school, but ask any nurse....we are not good patients!:)
However, my son's fiancee convinced me to get it checked out. So I was given THREE prescriptions...because the ER doc wanted to treat it as both a possible infection, and/or an allergic reaction.  Out of the three prescriptions? the doctor wrote conflicting instructions on TWO of them, and I could not get the prescriptions filled until they were clarified. THAT makes me feel SO much better about getting it checked out...I lucked into a doc who can apparently 'get it right' ONE out of THREE times. Gotta love those odds!
When the redness and swelling looks like it was possibly a cat scratch.  Can't recall that particular incident? but since we seem to specialize in raising 'attack kittens' ("Look, there's a leg...get it!  Try the arms!":) I can believe that could have happened. So kudos to Emma, for convincing me the 'Denial' method of treatment wasn't the best course of action!
For the 'rest of the story" (that I didn't post on my 3,000 other blogs,lol) yesterday when the above occurred, we also had Aiden cry non-stop for 3 hrs after getting his two month shots, and his leg was very red. So, after we got home from my ER visit, we went back to take him in per her Doctor's instructions.
Where the ER said "nothing is wrong" and sent us home.
Hope today is a better day for everyone!:) The swelling and redness in my arm has subsided, and Aiden is still a little fussy, but seems OK. Our main concern yesterday was he had 5 of his 'episodes' in quick succession after getting the shot.....I know, they aren't officially called 'petit mal seizures', but they sure as heck LOOK like that. And seizures are a possible side effect of the DPT shots.
The one good thing about the ER visit was that the woman in line in front of us (drawn to Aiden's cuteness:) started talking to Emma and said her own son was diagnosed finally at 18 months with epilepsy after much the same journey through neurology at UVA that Aiden has started on. She imparted a GREAT deal of advice,etc. to Emma.
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