Saturday, September 30, 2006

And the grandbaby pics keep coming:)

Just another installment of 'Grandma's Gone Wild',lol. (with pictures,that is, heavens...what were You thinking?:)

The sis and bro-in-law have good news posted on their blog

(and how did families and friends keep up before blogging?lol)
Emma has news also, but since new motherhood seems to have halted her blogging in it's tracks (gee,wonder why?) I will pass it on. She was accepted into a class for Certified Nursing Assistant training starting next week...3 week class.  Very proud of her!  Looks like Grandma will be doing some babysitting,lol, like that would be a hardship? NOT!
Big Ben continues to sell cars:) always knew he'd find his niche. And Kyle ALSO starts jailer class next week class,everyone seems to be going to school at once here:)
Can't believe Oct.1 is tomorrow (which, of course, means only 17 'shopping days',lol, till my Oct. 18 birthday!:) Can't believe I will be 46,either? as Kyle puts it...darn near 50!! Where does the time go?
Well, that's it for the updates. Love to all!
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