Sunday, October 8, 2006

Aiden in University of Virginia hospital

Aiden had what appeared to be some seizure-like activity yesterday and his mom of course took him to the hospital. The CAT scan he had there was, they said,"fine" .....but they decided to send him on to University of Virginia Medical Center over in Charlottesville because he had some more activity in the ER at our local hospital. (They appeared to be more of an 'absence' type of activity, with a fixed stare and non responsive for 15 to 30 seconds.)

The neurologist who saw him over there said the CAT scan didn't show any tumors (thank you, God) and Aiden didn't show any symptoms of meningitis...but he had had 5 episodes in all, the last one being at 8:30 pm Sat night in the UVA pediatric the neurologist wanted to admit him overnight for observation. If he had any more activity, they would do an EEG....if he is without activity for tonight and tomorrow,they will most likely discharge him and schedule the EEG for sometime in the near future.

So I'd greatly appreciate any prayers, and I will keep y'all posted.


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