Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Tuesday Aiden Update

Aiden stayed overnight at the hospital again last night, as they were running a 24 EEG test, with video, so that if any more episodes occurred they would have both an EEG reading and video of how he looked during and after the episode. (the 24 hour Aiden show?)

They are also keeping him tonight, as they decided to extend the test. He had an episode yesterday just prior to them placing the electrodes to start the test, he actually had it in the hall on the way down to the EEG room, so all the doctors witnessed one of these episodes for the first time.

Essentially, he seems to go completely unresponsive for anywhere from 15 to 60 seconds, and then is extremely hard to rouse afterwards. (although he still keeps breathing during the unresponsive part.) So it does seem to be some kind of 'absence' type of seizure activity.  He had two small episodes last night, and then the doctors witnessed the tail end of an episode this morning and they decided to extend the test another 24 hours.

So, we have a little 'elf' with electrodes glued all over his head, and a long stocking cap over that to keep all the wires together.He was very funny yesterday when they were gluing the electrodes on...he was of course screaming while they were gluing the stuff to his head (and holding him still to do it) but then every time the tech would use the compressed air to quick dry the glue, he would go instantly quiet and get this look on his face like 'oh, I like THIS". Even the tech and the nurse started laughing, as he did it every single time:) He just already has such a quirky personality,even at 6 weeks!

I am choosing not to speculate at all on what any of this could possibly be, as the doctors have not really given us any tenative diagnosis or ideas, and although I have suspicions, I figure why research something that it might turn out not to be?

Again, I appreciate all the words of encouragement, and the prayers!! Thank you very much!!

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