Sunday, September 10, 2006

That and This:) and pics

Well, I got tired of saying "this and that",lol,so turned it around. Emma emailed a few more pics. I have no clue why Ben put a washcloth on Aiden's head!

I've been off and on all day surfing the other 2,996 tributes.Everyone so far has done a great job, but there's some guy in a lot of comments sections who keeps 'pimping' his website for something totally non-related and I'd like to smack him. That is totally inappropriate.

And then on someone's MySpace blog tribute, some girl went spouting off about how we just all need to 'put this all behind us" and she totally disagreed with the memorials, and other people had lost loved ones,what made the people who were lost on 9/11 so deserving of tributes. A lot of anger there,yikes.

I ended up not going to work at the 'old' job tonight, I am instead running a fever and have Ben's stuff that he had last week,apparently. My throat feels like someone has scrubbed it with a Brillo pad, and I just generally feel like a truck ran over me...yee ha.

Friday, I woke up and didn't feel like cooking ,so I called Emma and said 'what were y'all doing for dinner? because I think I'll buy dinner,I don't feel like cooking."  And then there was a clap of thunder and a flash of lightning and the power went out! (I'm serious,we were in the middle of a thunderstorm,lol) The power came back on, and disregarding any possibility that perhaps God might WANT me to cook supper ...we poceeded with our plans.

Emma and April went to Subways in the pouring rain,one of the perks of being a grandmother,ha ha...I got to stay at their place and hold the baby. THEY have digital cable,and we don't,so I was 'surfing' the channels and came across an HBO special....have any of you heard of the documentary called "Paperclips" ? It was very cool, I missed the first part,but we all ended up watching the rest of it together (April and Emma and I) and getting teary eyed. Very moving. Here's more about it.  

And in an ironic comment on our world today, I had to go by my sister's blog this evening to find out that she's going to Hong Kong!   
Gosh,doesn't anyone ever email anymore? :)
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