Saturday, September 2, 2006

Just 'Our Dorky Life' and miscellaneous stuff

I don't know if y'all have been following the blog of the teacher from our area who has been with the group riding cross country that I mentioned awhile back?

but they are nearing the end of their ride.They plan on stopping here in our area  next Saturday and spending the night at Station 4  prior to ending their memorial ride at the Pentagon on Sept. 11.

I am SO glad this week is over! I seem to have become part of a sleep deprivation exercise,lol, in that no matter what I did...all week, each day I only seemed able for one reason or another to get only 4 hours of sleep per day (I work nights.) So I look about 107 years old by now,lol. I had a lot of overtime at work, for one thing, and then events each day just seemed to conspire that I would wake up after 4 hours....I have the cell phone in my room,in case there is an emergency with April at school,but I'm thinking perhaps I need to text everyone before I go to sleep and say "only call in case of an emergency!"  I started taking it in there after the day that I DIDN'T have it in there, and April along with 10 other kids, missed the school bus.

And, in the irony dept. I had actually woken up after the 4 hours, and saw that it was pouring down rain and driven to the bus stop, to pick her up!!I had the cell THERE ,lol, but SHE had forgotten HERS that day (do you see a pattern here? Image) The reason they all missed the bus is because  it was raining so hard, the high school had the students stay inside and called out when the busses were loading...but April said it was so noisy in there that she and 10 other kids missed hearing the announcement. So I'm not too sure their 'rain system' has worked out all the bugs.

In hindsight, it is just another example of 'our dorky life' .....April apparently doesn't know my cell number, since it's in her phone that she didn't while I am sitting at the bus stop watching bus after bus roll in without discharging my child...she made 12 phone calls to the house saying "where are you?"  She's resourceful though, and she finally ended up calling her cousin, who then called a family friend,Lois, who picked April up and brought her home. And we started the new method of me taking the cell phone in the room when I that, as near as I can tell, everyone ELSE in the world can call while I am sleeping,LOLImage (Like the reason I am up so early now is that Ben called the cell at 4:30 a.m., thinking that I was at WORK, and I couldn't get back to sleep....although I did finally sleep longer than 4 hours!Yay!)

The new parents seem to be experiencing some sleep deprivation themselves,lol, like THAT'S a surprise to any of us parents!Image But otherwise the little family is doing all right, except that the reason Ben had called me is that he seems to be getting a terrible sore throat....he said his tonsils felt  swollen, he never had them taken out, now would NOT be the time for THAT to be needing to be done!!(Let's hope we don't have to cross that bridge.)

Well, enough I guess about our oh-so-interesting "watching paint dry" kind of life.  Hope everyone has a great weekend! And Happy Labor Day, I will be working this weekend, so I guess that's appropriateImage (but I do have Monday off,so maybe after my 4 hours of sleep, April and I can find something to do. LOL, we'll probably just 'veg' at home.)


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