Friday, June 9, 2006

June 9,2006 Last day of School for April.

Sorry it's been a week since I posted, have been starting the new job and at the beginning of the week April turned up with strep throat (so she missed the first 3 days of the last week of school.)

Today I went to school to watch her get a Performing Arts award...she had no idea she was getting it Image but her teacher had emailed me to let me know. So, my daughter is officially the 'best of the best', for her involvement in the chorale group the past 2 years, the handbell choir the past 2 years, and all the plays she has been in for drama the past 3 years.Image Way to go!!!

School got out at noon, and a girl who used to be our neighbor rode with me to pick her up. She wanted to go to see some of her old friends, she had moved to the county two months ago. I felt bad for her, when I looked in the rearview mirror after we were leaving, the poor kid had tears streaming down her face.

Both girls wanted to go to the pool afterwards, so I dropped them off. It's a beautiful day to be at the pool, or just out....I believe the word is 'halcyon'?The sun is shining and everything is golden and green and even though it's 81 degrees, there's a slight breeze so it's not too hot.

So why am I on the computer, you ask,lol? Well, since I work Sat and Sun and am off today, I needed to do laundry. And cook supper early, as Tony and I are going to a graduation tonight of a young man who has been a friend of Tony's son since 3rd grade. Dustin is in Texas visiting his mother for 14 days, so he can't go, and the whole family came to Dustin's graduation.

THIS graduation won't be outside on a football field,however, it will be at JMU's Convocation Center

It will be a nice outing, and since Dustin went to this school from 3rd grade until a year and a half ago, we'll  probably know quite a few kids that are graduating. And it's actually his father's former alma mater. (I can't put a link to the school Dustin graduated from,lol, as their website is somehow locked up, and also some of their staff seemed unaware that they HAD a website)

We live in the 'city', so next year April will be going to this school  MY former alma mater!(Although this is the 'new' school just opened this year.)

Tony is home from work, as he is a former soccer player  back in the 80's in high school and is a huge soccer fan still, and the World Cup  is going on!!!Image

Hope everyone has a good weekend!Image

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