Friday, June 23, 2006

Ben sold Two cars....Yay! Ben:)

Gosh, I am remiss....too much going on! Forgot to say that Ben sold a car last week, and then just the other day sold another....Yay! for my oldest son and his new jobImage

I don't know what their settings are for blogging on Yahoo 360, but  you can find Ben here

and his fiancee is here  
(These are the 'parents-to-be' in SeptImage) They are also on MYSpace, which I think is obligatory if you are 30 or under,lol,but have not given me those links yet.
Obviously,Ben doesn't work at Sam Goody anymore.....they went out of business. He just recently got a job as a car salesman.
and he is still liking very much his job at the jail.
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