Friday, June 16, 2006

Have a Great Weekend!:)

A gratuitous picture for those of you who haven't visited my Flickr photostream,lol. 

I thought y'all might like to see the camp where April will be this weekend?

Our church has a cottage there (but no presence on the web,lol, the pastor never responded to my email about putting up a site.)As a matter of fact, he had something in the newsletter about "all the new-fangled ways to get the word out about our church" and seemed to be voting 'no' to using a website to accomplish that. Oh, well.Image
And I have been a 'bad' sister, for not mentioning before that my youngest sis has had some health problems   
I know this on top of the extended wait for adoption must be difficult. Please stop by and wish her wellImage
If you're a world traveler? Heidi at Learning to Live has a Travel Trivia contest you might want to check out  
and for more great travel photos, Terry always has beautiful Iceland pics on her blog 
There's a Virginia soldier whose blog I love to read, if you haven't already checked him out, consider stopping by    Click here: Destination Iraq
And Sgt.Dock has a hilarious post about a latrine incident he had 
Click here: SGT Dock's Holiday   (and he's a MN guy, for all my family up there:)
If you're interested in chaplain's blogs? someone left a comment in a post I had yesterday on my other blog, and left this site with a listing  
And speaking of my other blog,lol? I have a Weekend Surf post up.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!Image
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