Saturday, June 3, 2006

Dustin graduates! June 2,2006

Yay! Tony's son is graduated!!!Image We sat outside in the football bleachers one last time, this time to applaud when he got his diploma.

Tony's younger brother brought their mother, and Dustin's mother and a friend flew in from Texas. Originally we thought it was going to be moved inside because of thunderstorms,and the seating would be limited to 6 per graduate. So April got to skip her brother's graduation and instead went out of town with my aunt and uncle,to go to my cousin's daughter's dance recital.

Then they decided to go ahead and have it outside after all. We did get rained on twice during the ceremony, but at least it wasn't a downpour. Because of the iffy weather,they started out with the handing out of the diploma's....and then backtracked and did the rest of the program.

I liked the  part where you could hear the cows mooing on the hill across the road during a lull in the ceremony,lol.

Another thing I had never seen before was that the girls all had light blue grad gowns, and the boys had  dark blue.

I also accidentally tried to poke Tony's eye out with the umbrella,when I opened it for his mother when it started to rain. (You knew there was going to be a dorky moment here somewhereImage)

Afterwards we took pictures, and then headed home while the young people took off. It was nice to see that Dustin's best friend and his parents from Dustin's old school came, and also another couple that he used to go to their church. (and of course Dustin's girlfriend was there!)

He already has an application in at the jail to be a jailer, to try to go the same route as my middle son to become a policeman. In the meantime, I guess he'll be looking around for a job! but first he is going back to Texas with his mother later this week, to spend a few weeks with her before 'the next step' in his life.

So, only one child left to get through 4 years of high does time go so fast! Seems like just yesterday, all 3 of 'the boys' were small and April was just a baby.

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Speaking of time, posting has been light because the last two days, I was starting work at my new job and didn't have much extra time:) I think I will really like this job, it's on a 14 bed enclosed Alzheimer's unit at an assisted living facility.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!Image

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