Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Adventures in Nursing:) Not for the Squeamish.

Warning,not for the squeamish!(Discusses human excrement!)But I bet you nurses,and maybe you moms, can relate.


While I am extremely happy to be back working after my 5 month hiatus,I'm not so sure I'm happy about my apparent status at the new job,lol.Image

I appear to be 'The Queen of the Poop Patrol".

Yes, it appears that if someone has an 'accident' involving a bodily function, I am going to be the person to walk in and find it. (and then clean it up.)

It started three days ago, when one of our residents suffered from diarrhea.....I happened to walk  into the room right afterwards, and of course helped the woman clean up. (And we're talking a 45 minute  job, I ended up having to shower her, mop up, etc.)That's OK, that's all part of the job, I'm not complaining.

THEN, the next night....we had someone from another unit visiting our floor, and she asked me where the restroom was. This woman is intermittantly confused, but seemed alert enough. I showed her, and then realized a half hour later that she no longer had her sweater with her.Figuring she might have left it in the restroom,I opened the door and suddenly realized I was in the middle of a flood of water!Thinking 'what the heck?' I discern that the toilet has overflowed, is clogged up, and there is ...poop.....everywhere!!!(But hey, I also found her sweater,lol!)So, I complete another clean-up job.....and begin to wonder why I missed working:)

LAST night, I happened to be on the first floor,and decided to visit the public restroom. I opened the door and Holy cow! I have walked into another mess!!!Apparently my confused visitor had decided to patronize the public restroom, and had some problems.......I found her underwear (and a shopping bag with cheese?what's up with that????!) on the sink!!!A messy toilet AND......her skirt????(so,what exactly was she wearing when she exited ???Inquiring minds probably really DON'T want to know the answer to that!!!)

My boss happened to be there, and she and my coworkers were just convulsed with laughter at my propensity for finding these mishaps. Having a warped sense of humor myself, I was also chuckling pretty hard as I set out on my third clean-up mission in three days.ImageThere are some things that happen that you can either laugh, orcry. I don't know why or how I've been selected to be the discoverer of these 'blessings'.....but I guess this is my 'welcome' back to the world of nursing!!!Image

So as not to end on a 'crappy' note (I know,bad pun).....something unexpectedly nice also happened last night. After dinner, there were quite a few of our residents still sitting in the dining room while we were clearing the tables and loading the dishwasher,etc. We had the door to the patio open and everyone just seemed to be enjoying sitting,so I decided to put on a Lawrence Welk tape for them to listen to.

I was delightedly surprised to see smiles blooming all around the room, and residents snapping their fingers and some 'dancing' along in their chairs with the 'Charleston'Image A lady who very seldom talks had a grin from ear to ear and said "Now that's more like it" and was just be-bopping along in her seat to the music.

It was just really sweet to have something so small( a little bit of music) bring everyone so much enjoyment, and to watch all the smiling faces.

So,overall, yes, I am enjoying being back to work!

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