Monday, April 2, 2007

Woo Hoo...heard from Dustin!

Well, he left a message on Tony's cell phone. Tony has had the cell phone within reach ever since Dustin left, so of course TODAY, when Dustin called? Tony had left it in the truck!! Argghhh!

Dustin said that he is SQUAD LEADER now,Woo Hoo! And he says he made second on the PT test "because I have a couple of broken toes".

He has made it through the first part of training, and has gotten his "values tag"

(From the website about his training)


If a Soldier meets all of the standards of Basic Combat Training and demonstrates that they live by the Army Values, they are presented with a “Values Tag,” signifying that they are now Soldiers in the United States Army.

and the link is here Major Event Information

and he is now in AIT (Advanced Individual Training) which is training specific to the  MOS(Military Occupational Specialty)he will have, 31B,Military Police.



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