Friday, March 23, 2007

Letters from Dustin

We've gotten a few more letters from Dustin, he says he is doing well and is "best of the best' (in something unreadable,lol)

which to him means "you can send me food now". lol.

He also is not a fan of Missouri! Apparently, it warmed up, and then got cold again. He says if by some chance the US ever got invaded? (which he went on to assure me won't happen,lol, just in case I was worried, I guess) that whoever invaded would NOT want to have anything to do with Missouri.

He says the time is flying by. For those of us here at home, it seems like it will be forever till June!!

April will not be going to graduation with us, she has a Youth Group trip that falls in the same time span.

Dustin sounds like he is standing tall and proud:) and doing very well. So proud of him. And what a delight his letters are....I actually never thought he'd write back,lol, so this has been a nice surprise.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!


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