Wednesday, April 25, 2007's not Friday yet, and already two entries

Well, I'm off in a short while to get my chipped tooth that abcessed extracted...yee ha.

This has been an interesting week so far. Monday I had just finished reading an email from my mom telling me she is going to have to have surgery in May, an email from one of my sister's telling me she had an allergic reaction, and then Tony walked in the door holding up a bleeding right index finger that was cut to the bone and said " need to take me to the emergency room."

He got seven stitches, a handle on a lawn mower had slammed shut on his finger, and you could actually kind of flip the top part of his finger off (until they stitched it)....which was cool,but yucky. No, we didn't get pictures like two years ago, when he lost the tip of his ring finger in a work accident. (which actually those pictures came in handy later, as workmen's comp wanted to call it a 'laceration'....even tho I thought he was nuts at the time,for wanting pictures,lol....who gets the end of their finger chopped off and says 'oooo,get a camera!"?:) But anyways...I didn't think to grab the camera this time, people bleeding on my floor tend to knock that idea out of my head.

I embarassed him in the ER (every single one of my kids will relate to this one,lol) because I parked after I dropped him off, and when I went in, he was sitting at the desk registering. I said "What are you doing???!!" and he had just told them he cut his finger, didn't show it to the triage nurse.

So I went back to the desk, and said "Excuse me, his finger is cut to the bone, and he is bleeding through the towel he has wrapped around it."(Tony, of course, is trying to hide and act like he doesn't know me,LOL....hey, I get that reaction from my kids,too......hmm,is there a pattern here?:) But my being myself (embarassing to others,lol) expedited him getting sent back into the, they just don't like bleeding people there, either.

I am hoping this is not a portent for my tooth extraction...(something going horribly awry). and I hate going to the dentist,anyway. I already went last week, to find out it was abcessed.

So, I hope I will be checking in later, minus my tooth but without complications.


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