Friday, April 20, 2007

Seems to be a 'Friday' thing?

For me to post here,lol.

What a horrible week this has been, with the tragedy at Virginia Tech. (and hitting Far too close to home, when the older sister of one of April's schoolmates is among the wounded.)

And I also had an abcessed tooth, which I Finally got on antibiotics for yesterday.

We've heard from Dustin...already it's changed, now possibly Afghanistan...but definitely either Iraq or Afghanistan. And AMEN, he WILL be able to come home for two weeks at least, before he heads to Hawaii.

(which will be a 'sweet' duty station, except he won't be there very long)

He's writing less, since he's in AIT and so is studying all the time.....but he did call his dad on the phone last Sunday and they talked about 20 minutes.

Kyle is putting in an application at the city police department.....wish him luck!!!:)

Sister Tracy has the 'skinny' on a way to see "International TV Star Brother Kirby",lol, I'll just give you the link to her post about it. 

Hope everyone has a good weekend:)
Based on my posting tendancies here,LOL....see ya next Friday?
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