Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Pics...and more from Dustin

Here's some pics we took on our last visit with Aiden....I LOVE the first one of April and Aiden together!!

And since I promised my family Months ago,LOL, that I'd send some pics of the house...there's a few of those thrown in as well.

We received two letters yesterday from Dustin:) and had to laugh. In both letters, he said "I would like some CANDY, please send me some CANDY"...and he went on to list exactly what Kind of CANDY....

King-size Snickers bars, Reese's peanut butter cups, "Scooby Snacks" a Whatchamacallit candy bar, and "caramel coconut cookies" (ok, we never figured out what the cookies were? have written for more info? does he mean like Little Debby cakes? Girl Scout cookies?)

To quote verbatim...he said "candy would be sweet,cause I miss it and I am a 'best of the best" so I can have it. Thanks."

and in another letter "please send as soon as you can,because I am down to 181 and I don't like it"......"everyone has  been getting candy and I 'ain't got any yet'(editor's note...holy cow! a high school graduate,LOL)...

or in another part of the note..."I'm starving".(way to go for the sympathy bid,Dustin,LOL)

Then he said "Please send me some this week, in a box NO BIGGER THAN A SHOEBOX" (yes, that's what you need to use:)

But the part that had me falling down laughing was that, at the END of both letters...just in case, I suppose, he thought we hadn't quite gotten the idea?.....he wrote:


So, you guessed it....we went shopping yesterday, and we sent TWO shoebox size boxes of candy:) We also gave his list to the family friend that works at the post office, because she had been asking 'when can I send care packages?" and told her the time was definitely Now,LOL.

We also learned from his letters that he is both Squad Leader and Bay Leader, and that he is responsible for 25 others.

And he writes about training.....learning to 'secure a town',and 'bust out of Hummers' (Humvee vehicles) and this somewhat disconcerting (to me,anyway) exercise....."low crawling in barbwire and mud, while the Drill Sergeants shoot 50 Cal,M249 SAW, 240 Bravo over our heads by 2 feet so we can't rise up or we will be shot.LoL. It will be fun...."

(Glad that fits into His definition of fun,LOL, I don't think it would be Mine!!)

So, that's the latest word from Our Young Man In Basic Training. (Or "P.S. Candy", as I've taken to calling him:) He is Very grateful for all the cards and letters, he continually says so.

We told him in the letters we sent with our boxes, that we're not sure how much longer we can be sending CHOCOLATE....but that doesn't mean we can't send a few of the other things we threw in the boxes, like Starbursts, and Werther Candies:) And hopefully we'll find out what those darn 'cookies' are, so we can send some of those.

Well, that's it for today:)



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