Saturday, August 9, 2008

Our Very Strange pets,LOL

I know some people are nervous that Brownie has some pit bull in her....but, really, how vicious could a dog be that walks around with a squeaky toy in her mouth all the time,lol?

She reminds me of Linus and his blanket :) What's really hilarious, is when she keeps biting down and the toy is squeaking, while she's looking at you and cocking her head to the side....impossible to take seriously, a puppy who's going 'squeak,squeak' every few seconds.

And Ginger loves the faucet in our kitchen sink(and we Do have several water bowls around!)



She just prefers sitting at the faucet, I guess, to catch the drips after you use it. Very strange.

And, although I didn't get a picture of it, Tiger is not without Her quirks, either....she came down the stairs this morning with something in her mouth....Tony asked "What is that?"  I said "It's a quarter....apparently, she's putting money away somewhere? perhaps saving for something?"

LOL...never dull here!


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