Saturday, August 30, 2008

Our Newest Addition

Coming home from work Thursday, I saw a tiny,bedraggled, and drenched kitten trying to cross an intersection in the rain. I couldn't stop right then, but went home and got Tony, and then as we were driving back up the road April's bus came, and she joined us.

We found the kitten Had made it across the road, and was shivering at the roadside, so we picked her up and brought her home. It occurred to me that Brownie would probably be able to Inhale her,LOL, as she was so small. But, as you can see from this video, Brownie seems to have taken to her :)


And so it seems we have another kitten......and Brownie has a new squeaky toy,lol :)

We named her "Piper", here's a pic of Brownie and her new buddy


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