Monday, August 4, 2008

A Close Call

Well, Tony had a close call on Saturday.

He was working in Elkton, and a major storm....possibly a tornado...hit

You can see the Daily News Record article about it  Here

Tony was working on a house out that way, and when the wind started up, he decided to leave and try and beat the storm home. It's a blessing that he Did move....because 3 minutes after he left, a Huge tree fell right where his truck had been parked....if he had stayed there and tried to sit the storm out in his truck, he probably would have been killed.

We went out to look at the damage later that evening, and both got cold chills when we realized how close it Could have been.

He actually only made it to the end of the long drive where they were working, and then the rain and hail were coming down so hard that he just had to sit, because he couldn't even see the major road to turn onto in front of him, only a few feet away. He said the wind wasn't just rocking the truck, it felt like it was picking the truck up and dropping it...he thought that the wind was going to flip him over in the truck for a few minutes.

Downtown Elkton looked a mess, which the picture in the paper gives no idea of how bad main street there looked, with multiple trees down all over the place.

Whether it was a tornado, or just straight line winds or whatever they decide.....we're very grateful that what Could have happened.....Didn't!

He's taking the camera today, to take some pictures of the area where they were, before they start the clean-up work.


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