Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Bro Creates a new term...too cool :)

Reason number 1007 I think my brother is cool.......he created a new term not long ago while being interviewed on CNBC

My family knows I Love words,lol.
 Mom says I overuse the word ' snarky ',(but how can you Not use such a great word? to paraphrase Barbara Mandrell "I used Snarky...when Snarky wasn't cool")
 and she was skeptical  that ' w00t ' was a word when I first used it in an email to her.(nice of Merriam-Webster to pick it as the 'word of the year' the very next day:)
And now my brother is listed on CNBC's website as coining a new term...."Fally".....that's a rally based on fallacy which, according to Kirby Daley, Strategist, Newedge Group, is pure folly.
Way to go,Kirby!
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