Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tuesday Tidbits

Mom and Dad are off today on their Alaskan cruise....have fun,guys!!! :)

Sister Tracy blogged the 'trip from H. E. Double toothpicks (well, not once she got there, just the 'getting there' part was horrible)   here

and also blogged the 'brother we are inordinately proud of" on CNN  here

Cousin Eric's story was Not one of the five finalists in the Golf Channel Father's Day Contest , I went back and checked. But, thank you to all those who left comments! (which my Mom told me about....for some reason, I could never get the comments to appear when I clicked on the page)

School ends this week for daughter April....don't know they're ending the school year so Late?  I got home from work the other night around 11:15 p.m. and it was So HOT out, I felt like some ice cream......felt like a commercial,lol, but I said 'hey, Wendy's drive-thru is open till 2 am....let's go get one of those new milkshakes" (April and I like them)

Let Her drive.....first time she's driven late at night, she said she Hates night driving,lol.

Son Kyle was in a chain-reaction fender bender on Saturday......some guy hit a car from behind at a stoplight, and Kyle was in one of the cars in the line that got hit. He's fine, and said that actually, he had More damage done when he got hit in my driveway a few months ago!

Our heat wave is supposed to end tonight....thank goodness! April and I took to the pool yesterday, even though the water felt  like Bathwater,it was relaxing to float around....except we need new floats, lol, they all have developed small holes and are in the process of slowly deflating :)

Cousin Bryan graduates this coming Saturday,yay! Bryan!

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