Friday, June 20, 2008

The dog ate my postcard...

Brownie continues to chew,lol.....Mom and Dad are sending postcards from their trip in Alaska. The first one they sent was of Anchorage.

The second one, which April never got to see, was of Mt. McKinley. I had brought it in when I worked 3-11 shift and got home and realized it was in the mailbox.....and then during the night, the yet another nefarious plot to get the dog in trouble....knocked it to the floor, and the postcard was history.

Brownie has also chewed one of my flip flops. I Told April to put my flip flops on the dining room table,lol, but no....she left them on the floor.  (and how often do you hear someone say 'leave my shoes on the Table', anyway? only in my house:)

Why did I want a puppy again? LOL :)

In other news...I Got the Job! that is daylight shift and close to home. Hurray!!!


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