Saturday, October 27, 2007

Our Week

Here's some pics from April's concert on Wednesday, and just some random pics of Tiger and Ginger.

My week didn't start out too great, as the car wouldn't start for me when I tried to leave work last Saturday morning.  Tony drove down to work and got it started enough for us to drive it and leave it in the shop.  It needed a new....something....LOL, good thing I'm not a mechanic. I got it back Thursday afternoon.

The house where Tony has done some work this past year caught on fire when one of the children of one of the renters was playing with a lighter, so it's pretty much a loss. It didn't totally burn down, but between smoke and water damage, it's basically going to be back to square one as far as getting it ready to rent out again.

Dustin has been on 'Hawaii time', lol, so we see him at weird hours :) We'll take him to the airport Friday the 2nd, boy, the time sure has flown.

I've of course been following Tracy and Adam's blog...only TWO days to Charlotte!!:)

I also found another way to spend time on the web,LOL, like I needed to do that?  A friend sent me an invite for a book thingy, I actually thought it was pretty cool
and so I've been spending some time adding books I've read, and books I Want to read. It's fun, to see what other people are reading. (and it's given me ideas for more books I want!:)
The week seems to have gone by so fast!
Hope everyone has a good weekend:)
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