Friday, October 12, 2007

Tracy and Adam, and Kirby.....

Adam and Tracy will be heading out for China soon, they have so much info up that I'll just say 'Aw,heck, go read their whole blog!" :)

Click here: A Red Thread to China

and Kirby gets another mention in the blogosphere

Click here: Kirby Daley: Europe, Japan not attractive markets; U.S. recession likely on the hells of housing downturn :: Discu

I need to get some sleep, I worked last night, and Tony and I are going to a football game tonight (his alma mater) but I just wanted to quickly let y'all know I'm still alive :) This week has seemed Long, and at the same time has kind of flown by. Our weather has taken a cold turn (which means I'll freeze tonight,LOL) but then is supposed to go back in the 70's next week....our trees are so confused!
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