Sunday, October 7, 2007


I posted a more 'rambling random' post over on my other blog

But the gist of it was,
a Pic of me (on pain meds) in one of my new T-shirts
I caught up on some reading while I recuperated

Click here: By the Light of the Moon: Books: Dean Koontz

and Tracy and Adam have booked their tickets!!Yay!
other than that, it's Sunday afternoon, I feel pretty good, we are draining the pool, Tony is watching the Redskins play, April is at a friend's house, and the next door neighbors one house over cut down most of the branches on the beautiful tree that hung over our fence, darn.
oh, and besides all the birds who stop by to eat on our porch? sometimes, we get squirrels :)
(you know I've just been waiting,to figure out how to fit this picture in a post,LOL:)
Have a good week,everyone!
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