Friday, March 2, 2007

April's New Hairdo, and Other Things

For those of you I didn't email the picture to, here is April's new haircut.....and she also got it colored, with strands of red and blonde, and black at the ends. Very nice.....but I think it sure makes her look more grown up (lol, what every 15 year old wants, and what every 15 year old girl's mother DOESN'T want:)

We've also ordered contacts for her, which should be coming in soon.

In other news, I fell on some ice/mud on our front walkway when I was coming home from work Monday night, and managed to wrench my back(and also jar my left shoulder,which swelled up at the joint for a day or so.) Which means I have been off this week, to let my back start to heal up. It's finally feeling better, and it's back to work this weekend.

April got selected to go to the Junior High District Chorus later this month, one of only 3 girls selected from a possible 16. Go,April! :)


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