Friday, August 18, 2006

The week in review:)

Sorry it took me so long to post again, been a busy week. Just got home from working 6 days straight between the two jobs and I am OFF WORK TONIGHT,Yay!!! (and then work the weekend:(

Let's see....the job has been going OK, my manager is a little bit snarky. I've only had two days of orientation to a 52 bed unit that has currently 47 patients, and have been getting done everything that I've been shown to do. And yet, she always comes in in the morning and says "oh, you didn't do THIS? Weren't you ever shown to also do THIS?" Definitely a "glass half-empty" type personality.

However, the feedback I'm getting from the nurse's aides who work with me every night, and from some other nurse's, is that I am doing a bang up job, so I just let her comments roll off my back.

Had a humorous evening,I think Monday or Tuesday night (11 pm to 7 am shift) days have kind of begun to run together,lol,(but I know for sure that it's FRIDAY today!!!)

Picture me in a room with a patient who is deaf, half blind, cadaver-thin, and in the middle of throwing a 'snit fit' while she's also having a nosebleed at the same time. She refuses to use her 'communication board", so this entire episode took place in pantomime(on her part, I kept talking to her, which was silly,being as she was deaf:)

While our(the aides and I) main concern was getting the nose bleed stopped, HER main concern was that she also wanted to use the bedpan at the same time....and she was repeatedly pointing to her stomach, and then grunting, and balling her hands into fists and punching them together.

I realized how good I had become at charades,lol, when a light dawned and I said "OH! You're CONSTIPATED!" and then, remembering she was deaf....ran down the hall and grabbed a bottle of milk of magnesia and ran back and held it very close to her face and pointed at it....and she NODDED:)

THAT problem being solved, and the nosebleed being finally stopped...I started back down the hall and went past the room of a man where we had earlier left a urinal because we needed to attempt to get a specimen from him later.

He is generally very confused,but now he is BEAMING at me, and pointing to the urinal and saying "I did it." And I am clapping my hands and smiling and saying "Wow, you DID do it....Good for you!!" And one of my aides is coming up the hall and I am smiling at her and saying "Wow, we got the specimen" and she is beaming and congratulatinghim here we all are in a giant lovefest over a body function,lol, and between that and my successful interpretation of the little lady's charade, I am wondering somewhere in the back of my head "How on earth do I ever explain to people exactly what my job consists of sometimes?"LOL.

Wednesday night, Tony and April and I went to the fair.  April took off to ride the rides, and Tony and I spent an inordinate amount of time in lines trying to get food:) because the one line we were in for 20 minutes, then they announced that they were temporarily out of pork bbq sandwiches, so we had to go get in ANOTHER line. And then we walked around and looked at sheep, and pigs (I really like pigs:) and cattle and miniature horses.....and then Tony broke out in a cold sweat and turned extremely pale and realized he was getting we ended up leaving an hour earlier than we intended. (but April had already gotten her free tetanus shot, which proves I guess that you can do just about ANYTHING at the fair:) Except I never got a  funnel cake !

Somewhere in the week, April and Tony also went to pick up a kitten for Dustin from a friend of April's,since he decided that he wanted some kittens after all...and none of us were willing to give up one of our 3 kittens.(and yes, pictures are coming sometime,but....ahem...since some of us are still waiting for my MOM to post pictures from their trip to Hong Kong a YEAR ago!!!!...I don't want to hear any complaints over how long it's taking me to get them posted,LOL.)And April had 9th grade orientation at the high school yesterday, as school starts on Aug.22.

But, the BIG NEWS (and I hope I'm not letting the cat out of the bag here, I think they've had time to phone everyone in the family) is that Ben and Emma called yesterday and MY GRANDSON SHOULD BE ARRIVING NEXT THURSDAY!!!!!!! via C-section.

So then, after we finally are able to welcome little Aiden Benjamin (who actually, I think, is going to be quite a large baby:) to the world, then the next big event in our family needs to be for Tracy and Adam  to get to China and get THEIR baby!!! 

And that, I believe, is my round-up of our exciting life for now. I'm getting sleepy, so I want to go nap a little bit. :)



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