Thursday, August 3, 2006

Didn't get to start the new job yet,and a Wounded Soldier

OK, I DIDN'T get to start the new job this evening. I came home from work last night ( and I'm going to hang around there awhile on a PRN..."as needed"...basis) and my left calf was really aching. I couldn't remember bumping into anything, but figured I might have (being a 'dork' and all.)Image

So this afternoon, when it was still pretty bad pain...thought,hmm,maybe I should check this out. Then the doc told me that it was POSSIBLY a blood clot(which had occurred to me, being a nurse and all,lol, but so had DENIAL,as this was a very uncool time for this to be happening.)So I went to the ER, and THANK GOD it was NOT a blood clot....but they did tell me to keep it elevated,stay off it tonight, yatta yatta yatta. (possibly a muscle strain.)  So, thus went my first night at the new job...I had to call off.  Love making that all important first impression like this,but they were very nice about it.(and yes,Mom,my leg is elevated while I'm here on the computer!)

I HAVE  to be there tomorrow night, as I will be by myself on Sat. night...I think a one night orientation is pretty important prior to being by myself!!(File that under 'how to make your job more challenging and interesting right from the start')I've been an agency nurse off and on for years, and gone into places with no orientation, and both myself and my patients for that shift have survived...but it's not my first pick for how to start my new full time job.

And that's enough about 'my dorky life'....I'm going to post this on Mail Call ,but also wanted to mention it here.......this is a wounded soldier whose family could use some encouragement,via Andi's World

Click here: Welcome To Andi's World: A Hero and His Family Need Your Help

and his CaringBridge page is here     Ethan Biggers

Please consider going by and leaving a word of encouragement for the family on the page.

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