Monday, August 14, 2006

Adventures in Sleeplessness

What a weekend! I had gotten my schedule for the new job(the 11 pm to 7 am job) changed and covered an 11 pm to 7 am shift Sat night/Sun morning. Naturally, Murphy's law came into play, and I had a resident end up on the floor(no injury, but of course that generated tons of paperwork,lol) I got out of work late that morning, and was already committed to working 3 pm to 11 pm at the 'old' job (which I'm keeping for awhile on a 'PRN' or "as needed" basis.) Since my drive is a half hour (on a good day, whenI can run with the truckers,lol)by the time I got home I got about 3 1/2 hrs of sleep and then was getting up and hitting the road again.

My coworker last evening was cracking up laughing at me, I just KEPT MOVING..she finally said "Are you afraid if you sit down, you'll fall asleep?" and I replied "Yes!"Imageand went to find something else to do so I could keep moving. I liked that job a lot, it was just that the shift didn't work at all with my family life.  11 pm to 7 am isn't optimal either, but at least I'm home in the evenings...very important! with a daughter entering high school. (I think:)   I had to laugh Sat evening, one of my coworkers made the comment (prior to the fall) "Nurses on 11 to 7  shift don't work that hard...I guess that's why you took it?" that another way of telling me I look like a lazy slug?? or did you just not think that sentence out completely before you started talking?  I just smiled and told her "No, I took it because there wasn't any day shift available, and I think it's important for me to be home in the evenings."

So then,of course, when I got home I COULDN'T sleep....too keyed up (and had ingested too much coffee.Image)  Finally crashed about 4 am, and slept until 3 pm today!!! Maybe someday my sleep pattern will get adjusted,LOL.

Found lots of cool things to do for troop support on the 'net, at least, as always, you can swing by  Mail Call!  to check it out.

School starts for April on the 22nd of August,so that's fast approaching, as is my impending 'grandmotherhood'Image 

Tony is in 'Hog heaven'(pun intended) as football season gears up, and his beloved Redskins begin their play. Good thing he also likes soccer! as the World Cup tided him over through the 'football withdrawel' months.

Well, that's enough of my 'oh so interesting' life, I guess. PTI is on ESPN, that's a 'must see' in our house(although it's never as good without Kornhiser and Wilbon together,I think.)

Hope everyone has a good week!Image

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