Monday, August 21, 2006

Happy Anniversary to AOL Journals:)

Well, I did a post on my 'public' AOL journal, Mail Call! Supporting the Troops about the 3rd Anniversary for AOL Journals 

and then I played around after I got home from work this morning with my 'Favorite Sites' and 'Other Journals' links on THIS journal, so if you want to go check them out, I put up some friend's sites and some journals that I don't have linked on the other one....and I also put all the pages of recovering soldiers I've featured on the other journal over here, so I can keep track of them.

And under the 'geek excitement' heading,lol, isn't the Flickr badge on the left totally cool!!  I have wanted one for so I have a really sad life,rofl,or what!

I've also put the links to all my other places on the web,lol, so you can say "Kathi is too many darn places on the Internet" or alternatively, "Kathi needs to get a life!":)


Hope everyone has a great week...April starts school tomorrow, and I am off this evening,yay!

UPDATE  Added the pic that Sepintx (the blogger who told how to add the Flickr badge) created, out of the 3 I sent him, for the AOL Anniversary album.......had no idea he'd put them together like that, just thought it was 'neat'.:)  And I also added his regular photoblog to the sidebar.

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