Saturday, July 1, 2006

Happy 4th of July!

I'll be working on the 4th,but am off this weekend,so thought I'd say 'Happy Holiday early:)

The new job continues, and I am experiencing new things.....the other night I got into a tug-of-war with a half-naked elderly lady over someone else's nightgown,lol, how many of you can say you've done THAT! (She was visiting from another unit and apparently decided that another resident's room was hers, and was preparing for bed with the other lady's nightgown.)

I was delighted by the two male residents who sat up late to watch a dubbed Sophia Loren movie on the Turner Classic Movie channel....just to gaze at Sophia Loren,lol:)I said "You're just watching this to look at Sophia Loren" and one of them turned to me with a grin and asked "What's wrong with that?"You go,guys!

My heart was touched by the woman who,I am sure, has no idea most of the time where she is...this is an Alzheimer's unit.While I was assisting her to get ready for bed the other night, she asked me "have you seen this?" and picked up a picture of  an older couple and smiled a sweet smile and said,"This is mother and daddy." and then gazed at the picture of her parents lovingly.

And I am also getting to see new parts of the town a half hour from here that I am working in..not so sure that is a good thing,lol! I gave a ride home to a girl who lives in the 'rough' section of town, apparently....when we stopped to pick up her kids at the sitter's on the way home, the youngest climbed into the car and said "Mom, they shot at the door of some lady's car last night!" and I thought "Holy cow! Let's get out of here! What have I gotten into!"

So,life continues apace here. While I really like the job, I just wish it was a different shift...I miss being home in the evenings. But, that's a small thing...I shouldn't complain,I AM very glad to be part of the working world again!

Well, April is agitating to get on the computer,so guess I will close this now. Hope everyone has a good holiday!

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