Friday, July 21, 2006

Goodbye now to "Boots" the cat,and Where I am on the Web

After taking Tony's cat,Boots, to the vet last week....he was told at the follow up appt. yesterday that Boots had a tumor behind her left eye, and she was put to sleep.

I always seem to overlook this journal to update,sorry! but I guess that's because I feel like I'm repeating myself from the Yahoo blog (which non-Yahoo folks can't access,only my top page 

or repeating myself from the Mail Call! blog

And, like I am not already ENOUGH places on the web,LOL, Ben and Emma talked me into starting a MySpace page
and did y'all know I have a Frappr map?
and I am ALSO on the Care2 network
I also have a blog friend who keeps urging me to get a 'real' blog,LOL, (like on the 'Blogger' network) but I think I am already having trouble keeping up with myself!!
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