Wednesday, July 26, 2006

'Surfing' and New Kittens:)

I have a recurring feature on my Mail Call! blog, that I call ,(whatever day of the week it is)>"Surfing. It came about largely because my family got tired of me saying "hey, go check out THIS website! and THIS one!" LOL. And also as a gratuitous way for me to use some of my pictures from the 2003 Hawaii vacation:)

Anyway, if you want to go check it out?

And in other news, today we ended up getting THREE new kittens!!  Which was nice, after putting Boots to sleep last week, and taking Spice to the SPCA the week before that knowing that she would also be put to sleep, as who would want to adopt a psychotic cat who attacks you without provocation?(Yes, you are probably wondering..."why did you have a cat like that in the first place?"...but I'm not really sure! She just sort of got like that, and yet we still loved her.But finally came to see "what's the point of having a pet that you are A. afraid of and B. have to avoid?")

Anyway, we spent an inordinate amount of time selecting some less than profound names,lol, so welcome to...Princess,Piper, and Tiger!

In other news, April was invited this week to help out with the music (singing) at Camp Kaleidoscope  and so she is having a fun filled week! Good thing, because I found out today school starts Aug.22,LOL!

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